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Equipment: High Speed Mixing Granulator
Equipment Type: Assembly Equipment -> Granulator
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Main Features: The machine adopts horizontal barrel(cone) structure. Its structure is reasonable. The inner surface of equipment has no dead corner. It works at sealed state and conforms to the requirements of GMP. Short granulating time, high efficiency and energy saving. The character of granule is uniform and the fluidization of granule is good. It provides ideal granule material for tablet pressing procedure. Compare with traditional process, it can reduce 25% of binder and shorten drying time too. Each batch needs 2 minutes to dry mixing and 1 ~ 4 minutes to granulating. Compared with traditional process, its efficiency can raise 4 ~ 5 times. Whole operation has strict safe protective measures
Description: The powder raw material and binder in barrel will be stirred into wet soft material by stirring oar, and then be cut into uniform wet granule by cutting oar.
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