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Equipment: Pulse Bag Filter
Equipment Type: Separation Equipment -> Filtration Equipment
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Description: After the dust laden air passes through bottom from air inlet, parts of it deposit, light particle dust will be stopped by bag filter. The purified air penetrates bag filter and passes into top chamber through venturi tube and exhausts from outlet.Accumulated powder dust on the outer wall of bag filter is increased continuously. If the resistance reaches limit range (in general, it should be 80-120mmH2O), it is necessary to clean accumulated powder dust.Controller triggers each control valve sequentially and periodically turns on impulse valve to make compressed air in air pocket spray out through nozzle (primary air). Then it will absorb more surrounding air which several times than primary air into bag filter through venturi tube (secondary air) to make bag filter expand rapidly with the function of air flow back action, shaken dust will into the ash door and be discharged out of machine
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